Weekly Wins: An After Show, A Beautiful Sunset, and Joy Squared

I love to end my week by celebrating my three biggest wins. I call it a “joy habit” because it’s a consistent and reliable energy-booster, gratitude-generator, and joy producer!

Win #1: The After Show

I was invited by Jamila Souffrant (Journey To Launch) to do an “after show” for her Journeyer Launch Club based on our recent podcast. I’m considering it a win for a few reasons: 1) I got to serve her community more fully by having a direct conversation, 2) it was fun, and 3) it was a stretch outside of my comfort zone. I want to keep growing during this new chapter of my life and experimenting with new activities, new content, and new communities is a sure way to stretch and evolve.

Win #2: Awesome Date Night

We had houseguests for half the week, so by the time date night rolled around we were excited to spend some time alone! We were so busy that we didn’t plan ahead and ended up taking a sunset walk on the beach. I could sit on the beach for hours with my boo and completely lose track of time. I’m considering it a win because it was a perfect date night: simple, free, and transcendent.

Win #3: Joy Squared

I ended the week having a lunch with one of my favorite academics. Her name is Joy and we had a great conversation about joy! The fact that we got to enjoy great food and conversation, warm weather, and a spectacular view of LA made it all the more special!

Ahhhhhhhh……. it never fails. Just a few minutes of pausing to remind myself about what went well this week shifts my energy and allows me to end the week in a positive direction.

I hope your week included some wins that you’re willing to acknowledge. Feel free to share them in the comment section below or on our Facebook Page!

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