Weekly Wins: Publication, Boards, and Travel

flying to bangkokI like to pause at the end of every week to intentionally remember and write down my three biggest wins. I call routine practices like these my “joy habits” because they are : 1) repeated behaviors, 2) built into my weekly schedule and 3) they are guaranteed to produce joy.

During my transition into retirement, joy habits like these were critically important as they provide a structure during times when you loose the structure of a workplace. They provide a way to recognize and acknowledge yourself for the new types of (unpaid) work you are engaged in. And they get positive energy consistently flowing during a transitional period where it’s normal to experience self-doubt, confusion, and uncertainty.

This week, my three biggest wins were:

  1. I completed and submitted a short piece of writing for publication. For me, it’s important to keep learning, creating, and supporting others in retirement because I didn’t retire from any of those things! Writing is an important way for me to keep doing all three. And as a bonus, the piece I submitted was an advice column so hopefully it will be helpful to those who read it.
  2. A year ago I was invited to be on the board of an education company. I had never served on a board before, but thought it would be a great learning experience for me, an opportunity to expand my network and a concrete way to support a young CEO. This week we had a successful meeting, I was able to contribute in a meaningful way and it’s deeply satisfying to see the company growing.
  3. We left Friday for a trip to Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal (that’s what delayed me in posting my weekly wins!). I’m considering this a win for many reasons but the biggest one is that being retired means we can travel when we want to instead of having to squeeze our travel in when work schedules allow it. Sitting on the plane today was one of those moments that reminded me how grateful I am to my younger self that I picked up Your Money or Your Life and followed those steps!

The whole point of Friday Wins is to remind myself that no matter what went wrong this week (a lot), I choose how to end it. And choosing to celebrate the wins always generates positive energy and a spirit of gratitude.

But don’t believe me, give it a try and see what happens!

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