Weekly Wins: Tibet, Keeping Promises, and A Happy Birthday

This has been a wild week, that involved a 30-hour travel odyssey to return home to Detroit. Even though there were lots of unexpected challenges, I am committed to closing out every week by expressing some gratitude and appreciation for three biggest wins.

Win #1: Completed an unforgettable trip to Lhasa

Tibet wasn’t on our original travel agenda, but we were invited to add a few additional days in Lhasa to our trip and we said “yes” to the opportunity! The altitude was challenging, but I didn’t let low oxygen stop me from soaking up the history, culture and energy of the space. I’m calling it a win because I have dreamed of traveling there and it felt like an amazing confluence of luck and timing that it occurred.

Win #2: Keeping a promise to myself

I promised myself that I would continue writing while I was traveling and this week that promise was put to the test. Between the multi-city trip home, a bad cold, and adjusting to a 12-hour time difference, I wasn’t feeling terribly creative. But I was intent on keeping the promise I made to myself so I drafted a few ideas for an upcoming column and a new blog post. I was always diligent and disciplined with deadlines when I was working. But in retirement, it feels qualitatively different because deadlines are self-created, there’s no money on the line, and at this point, nobody reads my blog. That requires me to work on my intrinsic motivation and practice keeping promises I make to myself. This week was definitely positive movement in that direction.

Win #3: I made choices that led to a very happy birthday!

I celebrated my 47th birthday this week exactly how I wanted: a low key day of solitude. I often feel like I have to do things other people want me to do (in this case, celebrate my birthday in a way that other people want me to). But the older I get, the clearer I become about what make me truly happy and the easier it is to make choices that lead to joy (instead of obligation, resentment, and exhaustion).

Well, it never fails.

Whenever I think about, write down, and share my wins, I experience a surge of positive energy and a feeling of joy.

And every week I say the same thing: don’t believe me, try it yourself!




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