Weekly Wins: Strength, Blossoming, and Full Circle Mentoring

Five o’clock is right around the corner in California! So it’s time to close out the week with my regular weekly joy habit: pause, reflect, and write down 3 wins.

This week featured an unusually large number of things that went off the rails, so I know it’s more important than ever to release myself from the negative residue of the week by focusing on the wins.

Win #1: Increasing Strength

I completed my third full week of training 3-times per week. I hadn’t been paying much attention to the weight my trainer has me lifting because I’m super distracted in Gold’s gym (where celebrities roam around in the wild with everyone else). But today I deadlifted 75 pounds for 4 sets! That may not seem like a lot, but I’m a tiny human. And I’m shocked that my strength is improving so quickly (I struggled with an empty bar the first week).

Win #2: Full Circle Mentoring

This week I had two mentoring calls with people who have been my┬ámentors at a previous stage in my life. I appreciate these types of full-circle moments because they allow me to give back to people who supported me when I needed it. But also because there’s nothing I love more than seeing people use their gifts and talents in support of others and seeing women in their 50’s and 60’s starting new businesses!

Win #3: Blossoming Before My Eyes

My favorite moment of the week was a mentoring call with one of my former students. We’ve had an ongoing relationship since she was a student in my class over a decade ago (she still insists on calling me “Dr. Rock”). Over the past year, she has been building a business and it is currently taking off! It is such an honor and privilege to watch a business blossom before my eyes and to walk with a new entrepreneur through the terrifying risks, paralyzing fears, and exponential personal growth that occur in the first year of a start-up.

Ten minutes.

Energy shifted.

And I’m ready for the weekend!

How about you? What were your 3 biggest wins this week?

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  1. Nice wins! I have dedicated this year to updating my online products for my consulting business, and I made significant progress on the first one, so that was a big win for me. I also submitted my tax records to our accountant — always a relief to get that out of the way!

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