Weekly Wins: Savoring The Sun, Friends & Positive Feedback

As always, I love to finish my week by pausing to think about my 3 biggest wins! It’s my way to close out the previous week, stir up the energy of gratitude, and open the door to joy!

Win #1: Savoring Every Day In Venice

We head back to Detroit in just over a month so we’re intentionally savoring every day we have in sunny California! This week, that meant we made time to walk on the beach every day, get our toes in the sand, and let ourselves get kissed by the sun! I’m considering it a win because I don’t know if we’ll return to California next winter so I want to fully enjoy every minute I have here.

Win #2: Being Fully Present With Friends

My favorite part about early retirement is being able to spend unhurried time with my friends where I’m not stressed out, checking my watch or phone, or anxious about what work I need to do when I get home. This week was full of meals, walks, and fun with friends where I felt like I was fully present. That’s a new feeling so I’m celebrating it as a win!

Win #3: Positive Feedback

I was delighted to receive so much positive feedback this week on the “Life After FIRE” blog series! I suspected there were some people interested in exploring the transition from full time work to retirement, but I wasn’t sure. And committing to a 9-week series — particularly one where I’m sharing my own process — felt like a big leap.

But I’ve been blown away by the heartfelt emails I’ve received. And that encouragement led this week to the birth of a new Facebook group dedicated to conversations about life after FIRE.

Ahhhhh……. it always feels so good to experience a powerful blast of gratitude! Last week wasn’t perfect, but it’s over. Good things happened. And I’m heading into this fresh new week with a joyful spirit!


Kerry Ann

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