Weekly Wins: Planning Complete, My Favorite Artist, And Change

I have to admit, some weeks it’s more challenging than others to celebrate personal wins.

That’s not because I don’t have anything to celebrate. It’s because there’s so much bad news and chaos in the world that expressing gratitude can feel self-indulgent. But I remind myself that joy is an act of resistance against despair and its forces. So pausing to reflect on my blessings and celebrate what went well during the previous week is not only a powerful tool for overcoming perfectionism, it’s an intentional way to practice joy.

So I’m choosing to keep on ending the week by pausing, remembering, sharing and expressing gratitude for the wins.

Annual Planning Complete

Win #1: Annual Planning is Complete!

As our annual retreat wraps up this weekend, I’m so grateful for this time we have together every year. Our planning process is intense and there are lots of uncomfortable conversations, loud conflicts, and clarifying debates. But in the end, we always end up feeling our marriage is strengthened, our collective vision has expanded, and we are refreshed and ready for the new year!


IMG_2367Win #2: Met My Favorite Artist

My favorite artist (Peter Terrin) lives in the same city where we take our annual family retreat. This week, we had the chance to connect with him! I’m calling it a win because I’m constantly trying to internalize the message: ask and you shall receive. Too often I feel like I’m “imposing” or “bothering people” when requesting a meet-up. But most of the time when I ask, I receive. I’m working hard on overcoming these types of limiting beliefs so I’m going to keep celebrating every time I ask (not matter what the answer to the request is).


Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 10.01.35 AM

Win #3: Celebrating Strategic Giving

It’s no secret, we love giving. This week I read the annual report for our primary beneficiary: The Groundswell Fund. It was so exciting to learn about the work being done and organizations being supported. I’m counting it as a win because it was a strategic choice to donate to a fund (instead of specific organizations) and I invested a lot of time and energy to select the right one. It feels like an excellent return on that investment when our donations get pooled with others to maximize the work of change-agents, risk-takers, and problem-solvers.

It’s worth noting that in the 10 minutes it took to draft this post, my energy shifted significantly. I think that’s because gratitude is a guaranteed way to produce positive energy and stimulate joy.

As always, don’t believe me!

Just give it a try.

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