Weekly Wins: Mentoring, Mammogram, and Personal Maintenance

If you know me, you know I am committed to closing out every week by expressing some gratitude and appreciation for three biggest wins. Specifically, I ask myself:

  • what went well this week?
  • who did I support?
  • how did I grow and inspire others? and
  • how did I contribute to making the world a better place?

It’s a simple way to correct my default tendency of focusing on what went wrong in the previous week and then starting a new week in a negative funk. Focusing on the wins makes me feel a tremendous sense of gratitude and positive energy moving forward. And I keep posting them every week to keep myself accountable to the practice and encourage anyone reading to go ahead and try this quick and easy joy habit to see what happens.

On with last week’s wins!

Win #1: I had six amazing mentoring calls with a wide range of leaders. I continue to be honored and delighted to support entrepreneurs, academics and change-makers who are thinking through opportunities, challenges, and mind-set shifts. I’m not clear how some of these folks even find me, but I consider it a win to be known as a supportive mentor.

mammoWin #2: It was a diving stab at the end zone, but I completed all of my wellness appointments for the year! I have a long list of annual medical appointments to stay in optimal health, but if I’m being honest there are a few that I avoid like the plague! Namely, my mammogram and annual blood test. This week I knocked those two out and I’m delighted to report that I’m in perfect health!

Win #3: I completed a thorough update of our estate plan! The only thing worse than a mammogram is planning for my death. But two weeks ago when my husband and I were in a helicopter flying up Mount Everest, I couldn’t help but think “we need to finish that update of our estate plan.” I’m calling it a win that my estate plan is signed, sealed, and filed in a safe place.

Last was an incredibly busy week, but one where all of the important work got done!

I hope you take a quick pause — it doesn’t matter if it’s Friday afternoon or Monday morning — to reflect on your past week, identify your 3 biggest wins, and move forward in a spirit of gratitude.


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