Weekly Wins: Grand Canyon, Appreciation, and March Goal Review

As always, I’m ending the week by celebrating what went well and releasing what didn’t so I can start my new week fresh and full of gratitude!

Honestly, some weeks I struggle to name my three biggest wins. But this week was full of so many delicious moments that it’s hard to name just three!

Week #1: Flew Into The Grand Canyon

When boo and I did our annual planning, we realized that we love traveling to “magical places” and that there are so many in the US that we have never visited. So we made one of our first quarter goals to visit the Grand Canyon (by helicopter). I consider it a win that this week we got to experience one of the natural wonders of the world and it exceeded all expectations!

But it was also a win for me in terms of overcoming my fears. I used to be so scared to fly I would cry and shake during flights. And several years ago, I almost passed on a helicopter ride because I was too terrified by the idea of it. That would have been tragic because I would have missed flying over Mount Everest base camp (last November) and flying through the Grand Canyon this week. So I consider it a win that I’m not letting my fears keep me from extraordinary experiences.

Win #2: Celebrating Jeremy Thanksgiving!

Despite the fact that I’m retired, we have one team member that runs our lives (Jeremy). He is so awesome at his job and so humble that we have an annual tradition called “Jeremy Thanksgiving” where we have a big meal and appreciate everything we love about him until he can’t take it anymore! This is our version of an “annual performance review”.

It just so happened that we won a catered dinner from a charity auction a while back. I had no idea the restaurant was sending 2 chefs, 2 sous chefs, a busser, and 2 servers! My friends kitchen turned into a restaurant and the chefs turned out the most gorgeous and delicious food! Watching them work in zen-like silence and perfect coordination was something I’ve never seen before. All together it was the perfect evening: appreciating someone who is so awesome, experiencing culinary genius, and it all came from donating to one of my one of my favorite charities! That’s a win-win-win in my book.

Win #3: March Goal Review!

For me, retirement doesn’t mean an end to annual planning, 90-day plans, or weekly plans. Planning is my way of replacing the external accountability I had while working and ensuring that I keep growing, evolving, and moving forward on my goals.

My March goals review is as follows:

  • Draft and publish 4 blog posts: DONE!
  • Read 4 books (From Aging to Saging, The Simple Path to Wealth, The Storied Life of AJ Fikery, and How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free: DONE!
  • Complete 4 Modules of online class: DONE!
  • Work out 3 days per week with trainer: DONE!
  • Have 4 romantic date nights: DONE!
  • Make time on weekday afternoons available for mentoring calls: DONE!
  • Attend NCFDD offsite in Chicago: DONE!
  • Attend MSU Broad Advisory Board Meeting in LA: DONE!
  • Enjoy hosting friends and family from Detroit visiting Venice: DONE!
  • Visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon: DONE!
  • Organize 4 social activities with friends: DONE!
  • Generate a complete 1st draft of AP guide: BUMPED for re-recording Pathfinders project

I consider it a win that I met almost all of my goals. And the one that got bumped was due to a time-sensitive opportunity to do something for my old company.

I hope your week was full of wins and you made progress towards your goals in the month of March!


Kerry Ann

p.s. – This will be my last “weekly wins” post on the blog! I’m now sharing my weekly wins (and celebrating others) in The Best Chapter Facebook group. Feel free to join us if you want to be in conversation about Life After FIRE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lifeafterFIRE/

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