Weekly Wins: Flying West for the Winter, Full Circles, and Joyful Mentoring

One of my favorite joy habits is ending my week by pausing to remember my three biggest wins of the week. No week is perfect, but I can choose how to end it: ruminating about everything that went wrong or celebrating what went well. I choose the latter.

Win #1: Project Snowbird

Eight years ago my husband and I were 2 snowed-in entrepreneurs who looked at each other and wondered: would any of our clients know (or care) if we worked from somewhere warm and sunny? And shortly thereafter, “Project Snowbirds” was born. The first year we snuck away for 1 month. Nobody noticed. The second year we stretched it out to 2 months (some people noticed, but nobody cared). After that we decided to just leave for the winter and act like it was a ‘normal’ part of how our companies do business (“we visit our west coast clients in Q1”).
This week, we left Detroit for the winter and I’m calling it a win because experimenting with things that feel like ‘crazy talk’ in the moment have turned into some of the best parts of our life.

Win #2: Beautiful Serendipity

Once we arrived in Venice, I went for a walk and discovered a delightful surprise right down the street! Ten years ago, I attended a Write\Speak retreat with Barbara Sher in Venice Beach. At the time, I was a frustrated professor who felt simultaneously trapped by the constraints of my campus and inspired by the possibility that I may be able to serve professors beyond my university. I was confused when I arrived at the retreat, but crystal clear when I left. Without realizing it — 10 years later — I booked an AirBnB on the exact same walk-street as the Venice Beach House where that retreat took place. I never could have imagined when I attended this retreat that a decade later I would have built a business serving over 100,000 professors AND retired! 

Win #3: Awesome Mentoring

Despite having a busy week settling into our space, I got in 5 hours of high quality mentoring calls with some amazing leaders. When they show up, get vulnerable, and know exactly where they need support, we get to a breakthrough pretty quickly.

And those breakthroughs feel magical!

The reason I consider it a win is because this week I realized it’s not all give, I received a lot from the conversations. It reminded me of when I used to teach and had a powerful class session where the interaction with my students pulled something new out of me and/or got me to see something in a new way. Back then I was teaching, but also learning in the process. This week I was mentoring, but also evolving in the process.

Like all my joy habits, when I actually do them (instead of thinking about them or analyzing them) they deliver on joy. In this case, 10 minutes of remembering what went well, why it’s a win, and sharing it stimualtes the energy of gratitude. And gratitude opens the door for joy.

I hope your week went well and as always, I encourage you to consider what your three biggest wins were this week, share them, and see how you feel.

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