Weekly Wins: Snowbirds, Full Circles & Joyful Mentoring

One of my favorite joy habits is ending my week by pausing to remember my three biggest wins of the week. No week is perfect, but I can choose how to end it: ruminating about everything that went wrong or celebrating what went well. I choose the latter.

Win #1: Project Snowbird

Eight years ago my husband and I were 2 snowed-in entrepreneurs who looked at each other and wondered: would any of our clients know (or care) if we worked from somewhere warm and sunny? And shortly thereafter, “Project Snowbirds” was born. The first year we snuck away for 1 month. Nobody noticed. The second year we stretched it out to 2 months (some people noticed, but nobody cared). After that we decided to just leave for the winter and act like it was a ‘normal’ part of how our companies do business (“we visit our west coast clients in Q1”).
This week, we left Detroit for the winter and I’m calling it a win because experimenting with things that feel like ‘crazy talk’ in the moment have turned into some of the best parts of our life.

Win #2: Beautiful Serendipity

Once we arrived in Venice, I went for a walk and discovered a delightful surprise right down the street! Ten years ago, I attended a Write\Speak retreat with Barbara Sher in Venice Beach. At the time, I was a frustrated professor who felt simultaneously trapped by the constraints of my campus and inspired by the possibility that I may be able to serve professors beyond my university. I was confused when I arrived at the retreat, but crystal clear when I left. Without realizing it — 10 years later — I booked an AirBnB on the exact same walk-street as the Venice Beach House where that retreat took place. I never could have imagined when I attended this retreat that a decade later I would have built a business serving over 100,000 professors AND retired! 

Win #3: Awesome Mentoring

Despite having a busy week settling into our space, I got in 5 hours of high quality mentoring calls with some amazing leaders. When they show up, get vulnerable, and know exactly where they need support, we get to a breakthrough pretty quickly.

And those breakthroughs feel magical!

The reason I consider it a win is because this week I realized it’s not all give, I received a lot from the conversations. It reminded me of when I used to teach and had a powerful class session where the interaction with my students pulled something new out of me and/or got me to see something in a new way. Back then I was teaching, but also learning in the process. This week I was mentoring, but also evolving in the process.

Like all my joy habits, when I actually do them (instead of thinking about them or analyzing them) they deliver on joy. In this case, 10 minutes of remembering what went well, why it’s a win, and sharing it stimualtes the energy of gratitude. And gratitude opens the door for joy.

I hope your week went well and as always, I encourage you to consider what your three biggest wins were this week, share them, and see how you feel.

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