Weekly Wins: February Goal Review

It’s the end of the week, the end of the month, And the half-way point of our “winter” stay in Venice Beach. So I decided to use my ‘weekly win’ time to reflect on the goals I set for February and assess my plans for our remaining 6 weeks in California.

It may seem odd to set goals when you’re no longer working. But for me it’s even more important to set goals in retirement than it was when I had a job. That’s because I had external accountability before I retired from my clients and colleagues. I had to complete projects so planning was mostly a process of figuring out when and how that would happen. But in retirement, I have no accountability whatsoever! So planning is one way that I create accountability and give myself a way to ensure I keep growing, learning, sharing and creating.

My February goals were as follows:

  • Complete 4-week Cooking Class (Cooking 101): DONE!
  • Read 4 books: DONE! (I’de Rather Be Reading, In Praise of Wasting Time, Midlife: A Philosophical Guide, and The Power). And I got started on Joyful
  • Draft and publish 4 blog posts: DONE!
  • Complete 4 Modules of online class: DONE!
  • Work out 3 days per week with a trainer: DONE!
  • Have 4 romantic date nights: DONE! [dinner at Charcoal, sunset beach walk, golf lesson, and dinner at Barrique]
  • Make time on weekday afternoons available for mentoring calls: DONE! [I had 20 awesome mentoring calls this month!]
  • Apply for Wharton Executive Ed course in May: DONE! [and accepted!]
  • Enjoy hosting friends from Detroit visiting Venice: DONE!
  • Start planning summer travel: DONE!
  • Attend Book talk with Inheritance author Dani Shapiro: DONE!
  • Generate a complete 1st draft of AP guide: in progress, but not complete
  • Close one angel investment: DONE!

I consider it a win that I met all but one of my goals! And when I assess my progress towards my plan for our 3 months in Venice, I can see a few adjustments I need to make in March. Specifically:

  • We need to get a little more creative with our date nights. Let me know in the comments if you have any fun ideas for date nights! I can tell we’re getting into a repeating loop.
  • I need to prioritize the writing project (AP Guide) that I didn’t complete in February. I’ve got a bit of internal resistance that’s keeping me from getting it done. So I’m going to frontload March with that project.
  • I absolutely loved my cooking class! More than I expected so I’m going to see if I can take a few one-day classes at the cooking school before we head home to Detroit.

It feels great to see the progress I’ve made in across all four areas of my life in February: health, relationships, growth and purpose!

I hope you February was full of wins and you’re stepping into March with some exciting plans for growth!

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