Weekly Wins: A Successful Retreat, Hamilton, and Finding My Role

Between travel and houseguests, I’m wrapping up this week on Sunday! And as always, my favorite way to symbolically bring one week to a close, shake off any residual, and walk openly into a new week is by pausing to reflect on the previous week’s wins.

Last week was a whirlwind of wins, but here are the big 3:

Win #1: A Successful Retreat

When I was working, our team retreats were one of the highlights of my year. I loved picking the location, setting the theme, and debating the right ratio of work to play. And when I retired, I assumed I would no longer be invited to the company retreats. But lo and behold, folks still like to have the founder around from time to time.

I had an amazing time at the retreat and I consider that a win. But more importantly, having planned so many in the past I could fully appreciate all of the time, energy and effort that went into this retreat to make it special. And this may have been the best team-building exercise ever: a chopped-style team cooking challenge!

It may sound odd, but it felt like a win to simply attend and savor the time together without needing to control the flow, present, facilitate, or mediate anything. In short, it felt like a huge win for me to enjoy NOT be the leader!

Win #2: Hamilton!

During the retreat, all of us went to see Hamilton! I consider it a win because it was: a) amazing, b) enjoyable to see as a group (especially after a long day of meetings), and c) even better than the first time I saw it!

I purchased tickets to see Hamilton in Detroit, but could not attend because I was traveling. So when the universe saw fit to grant me an opportunity to see it during the retreat, I felt overjoyed! I love when it appears my plans fell apart only to see the universe arrange an an even better outcome than I originally imagined.

Win #3: Finding My Place In The Group

I love the brilliant group of people who make up the administrative team, coaches, and campus facilitators for the NCFDD. In fact, I love them so much I wasn’t sure how it would feel to attend a retreat after having retired. But it felt absolutely delicious!

The insight I had this week — and I’m considering it a win — was that retirement doesn’t equal irrelevant.

Yes, my role has changed. I’m no longer CEO, there’s a new CEO, and there are lots of new faces on the team. It’s also true that don’t regret stepping down. And I am elated that the company is thriving under new leadership. So it felt natural to find my place in the group. And it felt like a blessing to simply be “founder”: weighing in when asked and listening the rest of the time.

Maybe you noticed: my new role also means that I’m no longer at the center of every retreat photo. Now I’m happy being the photographer of others.

It’s no secret: I thoroughly enjoyed this week!

I hope you can claim last week’s wins, positively close out the week by celebrating them, and allow the flow of gratitude to carry you into a new week.


Kerry Ann

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