Weekly Wins: A Board, the Broad and A Meet-up

I love spending a few minutes at the end of my week to close out the previous week and start the new one. For me, the best way to do this is to pause for a few moments and celebrate my three biggest wins from the previous week and plan the upcoming week.

Win #1: A Great Board Meeting

One of the things I didn’t make time for while working, but find I enjoy in early retirement is serving on boards. This week I spent two days in an advisory board meeting for the business school at my alma mater. I’m counting it is a win because I’m slowly but surely understanding how differently for-profit and non-profit boards function, what they need from members, and where I can add value.

Win #2: Toured the Broad Art Museum

One benefit of attending board meetings is that we often have a social activity! This week it was a tour of the Broad Art Museum in LA (which I highly recommend). As a special treat, our tour was led by the museum’s curator! The museum itself was magnificent and touring with the curator was a phenomenal learning experience. But what impacted me the most was that the museum is free to the public, per Eli Broad’s vision of making art publicly available.

BTW, my favorite piece was Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room!

Win #3: Mentee Meet-up

I mentor a wide range of people, almost entirely via phone conversations. But on rare occasions, I get to meet up with someone I have mentored for years, but have never met face-to -face. This week I had the chance to connect with one of my favorite entrepreneurs! It was such a tremendous pleasure to spend time with her and strategize about the continued growth of her business.

Honestly, this was a challenging week for me in a variety of ways. So I’m glad to be closing it out by pausing to reflect on what went well, and releasing all of the things that didn’t work out as planned.

I don’t know about you, but celebrating my wins always stimulates my gratitude and that’s one of the best energizers in the world!

What were your 3 biggest wins last week?


Kerry Ann

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