Weekly Wins: Mount Everest, Tiger’s Nest and Saying YES

I’m going to keep ending my weeks by celebrating my wins. It’s one habit that I think is even more important post-FIRE than it was when I was working because it’s so easy for weeks that no longer revolve around work-related goals to blend together and feel like there’s no forward motion. But in reality, I didn’t retire from goals (just paid employment) so I like to continue celebrating my biggest three wins each week.

This has been a week full of travel with all the usual ups and downs that go along with exploring new places and meeting new people.

tigers nestWin # 1: Made it to the Tiger’s Nest 

One of my goals for this year was to make it to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan. It’s a pilgrimage I’ve been hoping to make for several years, but never carved out the time when I was working. Now there are no more excuses to be made so after lots of planning, we made the lengthy and steep climb to the top! I’ll do a separate blog post on this particular journey, but for today, I’m just celebrating making a big goal and achieving it!



Win #2: Conquered my fears

Later in the week, we had the opportunity to helicopter to 17,800 feet for a spectacular view of Mount Everest. This trip had the unique blend of three things that I am afraid of: 1) heights, 2) helicopters, and 3) nature. For those reasons alone, I could have easily passed on it. But it was my husband’s dream and he wanted us to experience it together. I was terrified, but I did it anyway. And at this point in my life being able to say that (whether it’s about something mundane or extraordinary) is definitely a win!


Win #3: I said “yes”

We were scheduled to return home on Friday, but some of the people we were traveling with invited us to extend our trip a bit to visit Tibet. I’m typically a highly scheduled and agenda-driven traveler, but I couldn’t help asking myself: when else will I have the chance to visit Tibet? So I said “yes”, hopped on a plane bound for Tibet, and have been there since. Saying “yes” to a spontaneous opportunity may be no big deal for some people, but for me it is a big win!

Travel weeks tend to have more exciting wins than regular weeks, but the act of pausing to remember and reflect on the things that went well this week is a habit that never fails to leave me feeling full of joy!

And as always, I encourage you to try it yourself. It doesn’t take long: just pause, write down three wins from this past week, and watch how the positive energy flows in!



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