Blog Archive

In 1999, my husband and I started following the steps of Your Money or Your Life. Our goal was to achieve Financial Independence so we could Retire Early (aka, FIRE) and it took us 18 years to achieve that goal.

I started a blog in 2018 that focused on how we were navigating the social and psychological challenges of life after FIRE. I documented how we transitioned into this new chapter of our lives, unplugged from the achievement-machine, redefined success and worked towards creating a meaningful life without jobs.

In 2020, I stopped blogging. It was fun and I made lots of new friends by sharing my process. But I’m on the other side of the retirement transition: living a quiet and simple life I love. So for now, I’ve archived the blog.

Here is a selection of the blog posts for anyone who is thinking about their transition into retirement. They are listed from newest to oldest.